The People of Vieques

School Children in Isabel II. photo by Edith Esbensen

Not everyone stays young forever! ... Some elderly folk in Isabel II. photos by Tersia Fagan
( This corner building on main street is now a restaurant called "Uvas". )

The Vieques Humane Society VHS website is very active. Visiting vet, Raul, Penny Miller, Aleida, Joan and Jane.

Isabel II is the only real town in Vieques. The ferry docks here, the two banks, ATM, post office and shops are located here. City Hall, the water company & electric company are located here as well. There are no traffic lights in all of Vieques; the only traffic you may ever encounter could be here on the main street, looking for parking! Please do not drive faster than 35 miles ph anywhere, at any time, in Vieques. There are wild horses on the roads.

Many of the churches are here, the Catholic church and Methodist are located around the main plaza. The Episcopal church (above left) is at the end of main street. There are also the only two pharmacies in Vieques.

Evenings are extremely quite in 'El pueblo' There are several nice restaurants.