Isabel Segunda, Vieques, Puerto Rico

The children of Vieques. The Episcopal church


Isabel Segunda, a town and culture caught between two worlds, past and present. There are no traffic lights in Vieques, horses roam free on the island but everyone has a cell phone. There are church-going young men and young men who drive around in flashy cars blasting regeton. The only traffic you may ever encounter would be here on main street, looking for parking, but it's all over by 3 PM!


Isabel Segunda (named after the queen of Spain) is called 'El Pueblo' by locals, 'The Town', in fact the only town on Vieques! ( The 'Malecon' & Esperanza hardly makes a town). Vieques has a population of about 10,000 people, who inhabit the center quarter of the island. Each end of Vieques is a different Nature Reserve, thus a hundred isolated beaches to explore!

Many of the churches are in Isabel, the Catholic church and Methodist are located around the main plaza. The Episcopal church is at the end of main street, by the sea. There is one pharmacy in Vieques, right off the plaza, and a post office, two banks and two ATM's.

Above photos: Isabel from the air, Vieques is the little long island east of PR.

LODGING: Some great places to stay are in Isabel, Kama - the upstairs guest house, Penny's' Sea Gate and Casa de Amistad. These three places have particularly friendly and helpful hosts.

RESTAURANTS: There are a variety of fine restaurants in Isabel: Coconuts is the most expensive, with chef Michael. *The Patio ( with Argentinian chef Carlos) is the best food for the money.. & NEW! 'Biekes Bistro' ( next to the Patio for sandwiches and other treats). El Conuco, Mamasonga (near the ferry dock), Mr. Sushi makes excellent sushi, all good. Roy's Cafe is great for an upscale breakfast with Wifi. Taverna and Barefoot Bistro are at the edges of town. Mar Azul Bar serves sandwiches as well as great ocean views.

The Panaderia Viequense ( bakery and deli) is an air-conditioned place to eat breakfast and lunch. Panaderia Lydia is open mornings only. Shaunas is a cafeteria for lunches and Ricky's Cafe, at the western end of town, serves dinners.

Above photos: Plaza in Isabel. Flamboyan in bloom. North shore beach.

Places of interest in Isabel:

El Fortin: The 'fortress' on the hill overlooking the town is a very fine little museum and, for history buffs, should not be missed. Beautifully restored Spanish colonial architecture houses exhibits of Taino Indian artifacts, Spanish artifacts and always has a changing art exhibit and many cultural events.

El Faro: A much smaller little museum and lighthouse on a small bluff overlooking the harbor.

The Plaza: The town square has been recently restored and by some miracle the big old trees were preserved. It is quite a nice plaza with benches and even Wifi. The plaza is often used for cultural events, and meetings often take place in the 'Multi Centro' building ( below right) on the plaza. The town hall faces the other side of the plaza.

buildings in Isabel, Vieques