Vieques Green Iguana

Green Iguana in the leaves in Vieques male green iguana of Vieques

Rex Cauldwell took these photos. Iguanas mostly eat plants they forage on the ground, but they will get up on the mangrove branches at night and catch bugs flying by.

They can defend themselves rather well; if you were to catch one, you would get severely clawed and whacked by their tail.



The Iguana at right was in a mangrove lagoon. It was 4 feet long. Big guy, but I've seen bigger since then. photo Elena Harley.


Four foot long iguana on a mangrove branch

close up of an iguana mouth and eye

Rex Cauldwell took the above photos. He has lots of high resolution photos of the wildlife of Puerto Rico and petroglyphs, waterfalls and most especially the coquis. There is a link to his website on the links page.