Horses Roam free over most of Vieques

herd of horses at Sun Bay Vieques
Vieques has a great many (semi) wild horses running free! You must drive carefully.
Sun Bay Mare and colt drinking water This mare actually lives on the north shore near the rompeolas
This is the herd that usually stays in Sun Bay, seen in the late afternoon!
All female horses except for the one stallion
Late afternoon at Sun Bay the herd comes near the parking lot ( where they sleep at night, in the parking lot lights)
this young horse is a fuzzy one Vieques herd of horses at Sun Bay

Sun Bay Balneario has its' own herd of wild horses ( most have owners). Most are mares with thier young. Only one stallion maintains this herd.


Horses run free in Vieques. There is also a very active Paso Fino club, with numerous horse shows. There are a few Horseback riding facilities in Vieques.

A little Puerto Rico Horse History:

"Substantially due to the quality and excellence of the horses bred on the island, Puerto Rico played a very important role in the colonization of the New World. In 1521 Ponce de Léon obtained fifty horses for his search of the fountain of youth. In the same time period Francisco Pizarro bought horses needed for the conquest of South America in Puerto Rico and a Don Gaspar Troche imported stock from Puerto Rico for his horse business in Mexico. After the collapse of a short gold rush, horses became the principal export product of Puerto Rico and thousands were shipped to the New World to satisfy the growing demand.
" Excerpt from the Paso Fino Website.


How to go horseback riding :

1. Penny Miller from Sea Gate Apartments can arrange horseback riding trips. Call her at 787-741-4661. $65. for 2 hours guided tour including mountains, beach & town.

There is another stables centered in Esperanza, she does a good job too.