The beaches on the Eastern US Fish & Wildlife Refuge are very beautiful; you must beware of two things!
Reserve Hours are sunrise to sunset. Get off the Reserve before dark!

vieques island beaches on Fish and Wildlife south coast

A visit to Vieques without seeing the beautiful Red Beach, Blue Beach and Orchid is unthinkable. If fact, you should wake up every morning pick up a picnic lunch and head for the beaches. They truly are lovely. But BEWARE of petty theft ! Tourists get their wallets stolen and calling the police or the US Fish & Wildlife Security produces little results.

Park Hours are from sunrise to sunset. Information: call the Refuge headquarters at 787-741-2138

Red Beach ( Caracas) or Bahia del Corcho. SLIDE SHOW. Most popular beach because there are bohios for shade and the paved road goes right to the beach. For Playuela you must park and walk down a lovely road.
Blue Beach or 'Bahia de la Chiva' .
SLIDE SHOW. a long stretch of beach that varies from calm at the east end to waves at the west end. Huts along the way.

Orchid or 'La Plata'.
SLIDE SHOW the end of the accessible beaches.

There are other beaches along the way. Pata Prieta & Escondida. entrances are clearly marked.

Far Wiser is to leave your valuables at the hotel.. If you go out swimming and leave a wallet, camera etc. on the beach it may well disappear! Instantly! See Warnings!


Vieques Beaches