Bioluminescent Bay or 'Biobay' in Vieques, brightest in the World!

The above photo was re-created in the computer... I did this to give a feeling of the real experience
and I think this accurately represents what you see and experience .


The Bioluminescent Bay in Vieques is one of the unspoiled wonders of the world. Just to experience this phenomena is, in itself, worth the entire journey. So , when you consider that the beaches are fabulous and the kayaking is some of the best there is... Why not spend your entire vacation in Vieques! ( With perhaps a few days stop in the rain forest as you come or go) Many people do - year after year!

Read about the bioluminescent bay in Vieques.

How to get to Vieques.

There is no public transportation off of Vieques Island after dark, so you must spend the night to see the Vieques Biobay.


Do you want to kayak or go on a pontoon boat? Good question. From personal experience I would choose kayaking because you are much more intimately related to the water and the experience is much closer and personal. If you have any difficulty walking or have very young children with you, you should choose the pontoon boat. You will get wet in a kayak, you can choose whether to get wet or not on the pontoon boat.

• Island Adventures offers a biobay trip by pontoon boat only. $40..

• Vieques Adventures see-through canoe tours are very well run. Gary has good guides. $50.


MOON CHART. Check out the best viewing days every month.

Tip your guides. they deserve it, as they are ALL underpaid .... and you are getting a real bargain!

See a fish swim through the bioluminescence on video. Click Here.

Read about the BIOLUMINESCENCE . Moon phases See When the viewing conditions are at their best. Plan ahead.



bioluminescent photo in Vieques  by Dough Myerscough


The above photo was taken by artist and photographer
Doug Myerscough in the Biobay in Vieques.

Below, Night Blooming Cactus near the biobay, blooms in mid June only. click for enlargement 

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